Link to NBC's Golden Globes 2014Heads Up to all our Award season movie mavens – particularly the Oscars with the Lisle Library Oscars Contest – NBC will be broadcasting the 71st Annual Golden Globes Awards ceremony this Sunday, January 12th at 8 p.m. (EST). As savvy contest players know, the winners of the Golden Globes often go on to win the Oscar as well – which could help you to win this year’s Oscar Contest! (More details on the contest will follow shortly.) To learn more about the Golden Globes from the Hollywood Foreign Press, click graphic below:

Golden Globe Awards 2014 link


Raven_Karloff_ippcy Horror film maestro Richard Flint, brought Horrorween 2013 to a highly successful close with last night’s film: The Raven. Starring Flint favorite Bella Lugosi, and horror film rival and icon Boris Karloff, The Raven makes a number of loose references to the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe although the main plot has nearly nothing to do with it. Lugosi’s classic mad scientist recreates torture devices from Poe’s works and the woman Lugosi is obsessed with is a dancer, who performs a balletic dance where she plays a raven, but the story is concerned with Lugosi’s obsessions with love, torture, revenge and madness. A madness he demonstrates in the side plot involving Boris Karloff. Karloff’s character is a particularly bad gunman who wants Lugosi to change his face. The changes Lugosi makes were seen as so hideous at the time, that some countries (like England) put a block on U.S. horror films saying they had gone too far — which made it a fitting film to end this year’s series of films that highlighted classic horror films that were on the “edge” in their time. Horrorween had its largest group of attendees ever for this film, and rounds of applause were given for this year’s group of films and Richard’s presentations. Everyone had suggestions for next year’s selections — but Richard is maintaining the spirit of mystery — and keeping it under his hat. Flint_RavenBookCandle
‘Til next year, enjoy your own spooky film fare – or come check out some great ones at Lisle Library!

Browning_Freaks_ipccyLast night Lisle’s own classic horror film enthusiast, Richard Flint, shared his insights on another Tod Browning film, Freaks. He pointed out that while current horror film buffs praise this film, it was the film that pretty well ended Browning’s career. The subject matter was just too dark, too real, and featured people that society at that time pushed to the side. He pointed out that the people who ended up in the circus as “freaks” or even “monsters” were too reminiscent of damaged soldiers and bombing victims from World War 1. (Note: Some of the slides from Richard’s presentation that illustrated this point may be disturbing to sensitive viewers. Click on the film clip graphic to go to the slides.) He also pointed out the there weren’t other forms of financial or medical support available at the time.

Attendees, some who were not sure what they would think of this film, ended up appreciating it, and the chances Browning took presenting the “freaks” as essentially the good guys, and a pair of the “normal” people as the monsters. There were some concerns about the vengeance taken on the nasty trapeze artist who had mistreated the “little man” (as she calls him). Overall though, the film was seen as a thoughtful, thought-provoking look at a segment of society not often seen in even today’s films – although progress has been made in the treatment of people with similar conditions both medically and socially.

Horrorween will be taking a break next Thursday while the library has its Fall Book Sale in the meeting rooms. The final feature for this year’s Horrorween will be The Raven, on Thursday, Oct. 24th. Richard’s presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. and the film begins at 7:00 p.m. Don’t miss the chance to see Bela Lugosi face off with Boris Karloff!


Link to Richard Flint’s presentation slides.

Once again, our indomitable, classic horror film fan extraordinaire, Richard Flint is offering three films that push the edges of classic horror for this year’s October salute to the classic horror film genre that we call Horrorween.

Last night, we saw The Unknown starring silent film star giant, Lon Chaney, and a very young Joan Crawford. During Richard’s presentation before the film, we learned a number of fascinating facts about Lon Chaney, director Tod Browning, and even a bit about young Joan!

For instance, did you know that Lon Chaney can credit some of his prodigious talent for expressive body language to his need to communicate with his parents, who were both deaf? His mastery of special effect makeup and body props (some that were outright tortuous to wear) were part of his method acting to getting into a role. For The Unknown, he actually wore the restraining corset that restricted his arms around the set and between takes to maintain his character. Joan Crawford has “stated that she learned more about acting from watching Chaney work than from anything else in her career. ‘It was then’, she said, ‘I became aware for the first time of the difference between standing in front of a camera, and acting.’ 1 With this film, Tod Browning entered into a new and controversial stage in horror film history by making his “monster” too realistic — and too reflective, of the kind of maiming that people had experienced during and after World War 1. Richard pointed out that Irving Thalberg championed Browning’s films and the need for the studios to be willing to explore the darker side of human nature.

In next week’s film Freaks, Tod Browning pushes the envelope so far, that even today, there are people who have a hard time with it. — But more on that next week!  😉

To get a sense of what Richard had to say at last night’s film, click on the movie’s “film clip” graphic to go to Richard’s slides.

1. The quote from Joan Crawford was taken from Wikipedia‘s article on Joan Crawford.

Naperville Filmfest Organization

Today, Saturday September 14th is the opening day to the annual Naperville Independent Film Festival which will run through closing ceremonies on Saturday, Sept. 21st.

Dean Richards, WGN Film Critic Come to the awards program on Saturday, September 21 to meet Dean Richards, film critic from WGN-TV and see him presented with a NIFF Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Naperville’s own Dolly McCarthy!

Films are being shown at Classic Cinemas Ogden 6, on 1227 East Ogden Avenue and at North Central College, Smith Hall of Old Main, on 30 N. Brainard Street. Click the festival logo above to go to their website for further information!

Graphic with popcorn, clapboard, & DVD.Just Between Frames (JBF) members met last Monday night on which film themes and films we want to discuss in 2014.  After some lively debate, and scoring challenges, the final list given below was determined — and we can now say that all of the group’s first picks for the list are covered by our public performance right licensing agreements! So we didn’t have to make any substitutions this year!

So without further ado, here is ze list!

JBF 2014 Film List

Magical Realism

Mon. Jan. 27th Being John Malkovich BeingJohnMalkovich
Mon. Feb. 24th Captain Corelli’s Mandolin  CaptainCorelliMandolin
Mon. Mar. 31st Prelude to a Kiss  PreludeToAKiss
Mon. Apr. 28th Life of Pi  LifeOfPi

JBF Documentaries: Take 2

Mon. May 26th (Ken Burns) Mark Twain KenBurnsMarkTwain
Mon. Jun. 30th (Ken Burns) Statue of Liberty  KenBurnsAmericaTheStatueOfLiberty
Mon. Sept. 29th Cleanflix  Cleanflix

JBF Director’s Study: on John Huston

Mon. Oct. 27th The List of Adrian Messenger List-Adrian-Messenger-Poster
Mon. Nov. 24th The Night of the Iguana  TheNightOfTheIguana
Mon. Dec. 15th Beat the Devil  BeatTheDevil
Link to article on Unforgivable Changes Made from Book to Film

The Huffington Post‘s irresistible article on “11 Unforgivable Changes Made to Book Adaptations” (Please note: this article contains spoilers.)    As the group has always loved talking about what happens when books are made into films, let’s see if you agree, disagree or have additions to make to the list given at this link. Add your comments to this post!